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Merry Christmas

by Greg Mollin on December 24, 2013

Cindy awoke to the sound of a loud thump out in the living room. She lay there listening quietly with the sheets pulled up to her chin, wondering whether she had remembered to lock the front door before she went to bed. Her throat was dry. The four glasses of wine she drank at the […]

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New flash fiction-After The Quake

by Greg Mollin on August 2, 2012

He leaned over and put his face to the forehead of his fitfully sleeping daughter.  He could feel the heat radiating off of the eight-year-old even before his face reached hers.  The fever was back. He brushed the hair from her forehead where sweat had caught a few wispy strands of her light brown bangs.  […]


Cold Comfort-Unpublished Story

by Greg Mollin on September 10, 2011

Cold comfort by Greg Mollin     Jack didn’t think it was right to have a funeral on such a nice day.  The bright afternoon sun that warmed his face felt like an intrusion on what should have been a gray and somber occasion.  The cool breeze he felt on his skin belonged in a […]


Short Stories and Flash Fiction Exclusively Here

by Greg Mollin on September 9, 2011

This section will feature short stories and flash fiction exclusive to this site. My own unpublished and sometimes raw or unfinished work will find a temporary home here, as well as guest writer showcases. Check in for something new each month.