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Been a long time

by Greg Mollin on September 15, 2012

I haven’t written anything on this  page in quite some time, and while I’d like to say it’s because of the mass of pages building up on my hard drive, that’s just not so.  I’ve been quite ill for the last couple of months and being able to produce any worthwhile writing at the end […]


I had a great time at the LA Times Festival of Books last Saturday.  The day started with a panel on Organized Crime in fiction with  Attica Locke, T. Jefferson Parker and Stuart Neville.  All of them were great and each had a different take on the topic and how it related to their novels. There […]


Ex-Basic Cable Pseudo Celebrity

by Greg Mollin on April 23, 2011

So Bryan and I are at the barbershop waiting our turn, when a big dude with a fresh crew cut walks up and asks me if I’m “that Greg Mollin” from Huntington Street TV.  I reluctantly say yes and he starts gushing about what a huge fan he is and begins listing the sketches we did, naming all […]

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Horny Drunken Dwarves and Irish Crime

by Greg Mollin on April 20, 2011

Monsters, naked women, sword wielding warriors, horny drunken dwarves, decapitations, sex and intrigue all packed into a Dungeons & Dragons-esque landscape?  Yes, 12-year-old me would have been in geeked-out bliss on Sunday night for the first installment of HBO’s Game of Thrones.  I’ll admit it, 39-year-old me was having a great time watching as well. […]


Sunday night television

by Greg Mollin on April 18, 2011

There isn’t a whole lot of television programming I care about or have time for  during the week.  The lame procedural drama stuff with the acronym names infuriates me, most sitcoms are written for morons and there are only so many episodes of The First 48 that I can watch without getting extremely depressed, so I tend to shy away from T.V. […]


First Person

by Greg Mollin on April 17, 2011

This week will be devoted to another round of short story submissions and hopefully quite a bit more work on the novel in progress.  I’ve been reading a collection of short stories by Richard Lange called Dead Boys.  Reading these stories has reminded me of the power of the first person narrative and prompted me […]